Wood Prints!

I'm very excited about this since I've finally found a perfect match. As many of you know, I am very picky about which labs and artists (framers and wood prints) I work with. They need to prove environmental responsibility, quality and performance; Wood Prints go above and beyond. I used to print on wood early in my career, and had a Wood Print in American Photography Magazine! Here are a few points, please let me know if you would like additional environmental information. -Birch Wood - harvested specifically for construction and replanted • Printed with sustainable water-based inks on 3/4" birch wood • Heat & water resistant, you can use a wet rag and wipe it off • Each woodprint will vary in wood grain, no two wood prints will look alike, making them unique • Includes two mounting screws for easy hanging • Made & Handcrafted in the U.S.A -Fair Trade Practice *Payment plans are available and Package Discounts apply with an order of 6 or more Prints. For pricing info. and/or if you would like to see a Wood Print in person, please leave your email address below or email me at jodiellen.goldstein@gmail.com Bottom line: These are gorgeous and need to be on your walls and tables. Thanks for supporting Small Business!

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