Sibling Valentine's Day Session!

These guys kept me on my toes, but we were able to capture some quiet moments to focus on those gorgeous faces.

6M and Family Portraits!

I absolutely have one of the best jobs in the world. What an honor to spend some time with this adorable, loving family. Doesn't this little guy have the cutest rosy cheeks you have ever seen?!? :-)

Pettiskirt and Pettitop!

Ask to wear my new Pettiskirt and Pettitop during your next session. The top is a size 6, and is seen worn by a 4 year old girl. The skirt can be used with all ages, it will simply fit differently.

For additional Dress Up and Prop options, head to the gallery:

Happy Birthday!!!

I think it's pretty clear to see, that she had a blast. :-)
Thank you for inviting me to share this time with you.

9m Portraits!

It has been great seeing this little guy and his mom and dad, every three months. Next session, Happy Birthday!

New For 2011!

Location: Cantigny

Congratulations To Our Fall Image Of The Season Winner!

The winning family receives a free 8x10 Stand Out of the winning image!
Standout is the perfect contemporary mounting option that doesn’t require a frame to hang on the wall. They are available in sizes 8x10 - 30x40.
Please contact Jodi at for info. and pricing.