Birth Photography

If you are not in CO, I can help you find a Birth Photographer in your area. I'm connected. :-) (Image by Maternal Focus, Salt Lake City) Not sure about hiring a Birth Photographer? Here are ten excellent reasons to consider it from an organization I belong to. 1. Quality – a good birth photographer will be able to get images that are not out of focus or blurry from movement. Even in the most challenging lighting! 2. The entire family and birth team can be in the photos. Proof that they were there, and proof that they were involved. 3. A good birth photographer will use the photos to tell the whole story, not just a few snapshots after the birth. 4. Those with her for the birth will be able to focus on supporting mom throughout labor and afterwards. 5. After the baby is born, you won’t need to worry about sorting through photos, deleting the bad ones, or editing the photos – a professional birth photographer will do all that for you and deliver you a finished product so you can focus on bonding with your newborn. 6. A birth photographer can capture moments you might miss, like grandmas in the waiting room, siblings trying to sneak a peek into the birth room, etc. 7. This baby, this birth will only happen once, and there are no do-overs. You won’t get caught up in the intensity of the experience and forget to take any photos. The photographer has it covered. 8. Newborn babies change incredibly fast! By the second day, they already look different. Don’t let that first day look fade in your memory. 9. You see your birth from a different perspective. Sometimes women get very inwardly focused in labor, and seeing the photos later can help them know the big picture. 10. And finally, as your baby grows, you will be able to show your baby the story of their birth day. They will be able to see for themselves the love in their parent’s eyes, grandma’s excited tears, and the hesitant touch of older siblings. Writen by IAPBP Member: Andrea Lythgoe

Portrait Party Time!

Ever wonder what types of images and memories are captured during a Portrait Party? Here is a collage of an adorable brother and sister taken during a recent party. Take some pics, then head off to playtime. Simple as that. Want to be a party host and receive super discounts while being the talk to the town ;-)? Let me know and I'll email you the information. Parties are offered throughout the year and can be lifestyle or with back drop.