When I first entered the hospital room after getting lost within the hospital for 10 min ;-), mom was out of the room with doctors and baby Mason was being guarded. Two of his big sisters (he has three), stood in front of him for a few minutes until they felt I was safe. How incredibly loving and instinctual is that? They quickly accepted me and were all about the experience. The bath was so amazing! I think it needs to be incorporated into every 48 :-). Of course, it may not be the baby's favorite part but I'll take any first moments. Thank you Hoerner Family for welcoming me in to photograph and share these personal moments with you. For those of you not familiar with Fresh 48 Sessions, they are sessions taken within the first 48 hours of life where the baby was born or is being cared for after birth. In this case we were in the hospital, but they can take place at birthing centers, home, NICU, etc. "Fresh", well that's a bit misleading since this is during those hours when everyone is exhausted, no one has showered, and mom is most likely more than a bit hungry :-). I absolutely love it and think it's when everyone looks their natural best.

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  1. Thank you for capturing our very special first moments with Mason. We love the pictures and are happy to have let you be a part of our day! ~The Hoerner Family