Cake Smash!

What is a Cake Smash Session and what do I bring?

These sessions are typically for 1-5 years, but if your older kids want to have some fun and get messy they are welcome as well. It does not have to be your birthday to enjoy some cake :-)
During a Cake Smash I will take a few images of your child in his/her street or party clothes. After that, Let Them Eat Cake! :-) Either in their clothes, diaper cover, jeans, onsie, bib, etc.
Bring: A change of clothes, wipes, and your Cake or cupcake, or cupcake cake. A word of advice, do not get a cake with red frosting or accents. Frankly, mixed with drool it looks like blood.

I recommend Whole Foods, they make some cute lil cakes.

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